No decision made on how abandoned Williston Middle School will be used

WILLISTON, Fla. (WCJB) – Williston homeowners lined up out the door to ask questions about how the abandoned intermediate schools residential or commercial property ought tobe used

In the proposition, the abandoned Williston Middle School residential or commercial property would be used for a drug rehabcenter

The county presently owns the residential or commercial property and desires to annex the land to the city and have it redeveloped as thedrug rehab center

The proposed center is stated to bring about 100 tasks to the location.

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Tuesday night, Some homeowners shared their issues about the center and recommended the use of the Williston Hospital residential or commercial property would be a much better fit

Williston Mayor Charles Goodman, likewise shared his issues of where the center’s financing would originate from.

Tuesday night’s conference was strictly educational and no decision was made.

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