Govt to set up local drug rehab centres

Plan based on famous temple’splan

Inmates exercise on the grounds of the Correctional Institute for Drug Addicts in Bangkok. (File photo: Chanat Katanyu)
Prisoners work out on the premises of the Correctional Institute for Drug Abuser in Bangkok. (File image: Chanat Katanyu)

The Interior Ministry plans a drug rehab task that would be designed on the program at the widely known addiction treatment centre at Wat Tham Krabok in Saraburi.

Irreversible secretary Suttipong Juljarern stated the relocation is in line with the federal government’s focus on suppression, prevention and rehab in its war versus drug abuse.

The Department of Provincial Administration has actually been asked to send a list of believed drug dealerships and active users from each province, to help authorities determine locations where drug use is especially widespread.

According to the figures sent to the ministry, there were at least 18,000 drug dealerships active in the nation, while the number of users and addicts stood at about 120,000, as of Oct 31.

The information has actually allowed the ministry to determine 158 locations which might take advantage of a local drug rehab facility, he stated, worrying the function that local communities play in assisting an addict recuperate and stay on track.

Manrat Rattanasukhon, director-general of the Department of Provincial Administration, stated that preferably there would be at least one drug rehab facility per district that would use a 15-day treatment Preferably, each facility will not accept more than 50 addicts per treatment cycle, he stated.

The department would ask the federal government to set aside a spending plan for the plan, he stated.

The Interior Ministry is strengthening up its policies on drug abuse after the October mass shooting in Nong Bua Lam Phu which declared 36 lives, 24 of whom were kids.

The shooter, a previous policeman who eliminated himself after performing the massacre, was understood to have actually had a historyof drug abuse He was expelled from the force in June, after being apprehended in January for methamphetamine belongings.

Mr Suttipong, who checked out Wat Tham Krabok in Saraburi to talk about the temple’s drug rehab program with its abbot, stated the ministry desires the centres likewise to provide employment training so patients can stay efficient throughout their recovery.

Phra Boonsong Thanajaro, president of Wat Tham Krabok structure, stated the program ought to focus on patients’ physical and mental wellness.

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