Frustration with lingering homelessness crisis

Develop safe websites and firmly insist people use them

Re “ Are we reversing on homelessness?” (Dec. 23): This editorial asks a concern. And the response is yes. Here is one concept to repair it. Start implementing vagrancy laws and the lorry habitation regulation

Have the county and cities of our fantastic county recognize big parcels of flat land that can be used for small homes. Fast-track the allowing process and develop them. Use building and construction trailers. Bring in portable toilets and showers. Establish septic systems on website if there is no drain. You can have this all put up and established within a couple of months. Provide services on website for these small towns. Whatever from drug rehab, mental health services, task training and positioning, and long-term helpful real estate assistance.

Provide the homeless an option. Prison or the small town. The response is apparent. This is a city, county and stateemergency State it as such and get on with it.

Glen Volk

Point Loma

Quiting on Downtown after violent attacks

My 70-year-old partner, a retired social employee, and myself, a retired Washington state cannon fodder, have actually lived in the East Town because 2015. We live in a great high-rise condominium throughout from Petco Park on Tenth Opportunity. On a current early morning, my partner stepped outdoors and within minutes was assaulted by a psychopathic street individual who slapped her on the side of her head, then pulled a hoop earring out of her ear and continued down J Street ranting and raving.

Needless to state, this split-second attack was frightening. This is the 2nd time she has actually been assaulted in broad daytime.

Now Mayor Gloria has actually turned our Central Library into a daytime homeless shelter. The city is now thinking about working with more armed security in reaction to increased drug use and suicides at thelibrary Regretfully, we have actually chosen to leave of Downtown. It has actually ended up being too unsafe.

Pete Powell

East Town

Inform us where homeless people are originating from

Re “ Downtown San Diego homeless population strikes record high” (Dec. 7): The information pointed out was that for every 10 people put in real estate, there were 13 included to the homeless rolls for the very first time. It went on to explain real estate costs as a prime motorist.

One glaring omission is the number of of the 13 are brand-new arrivals. A mentioned interviewee did confess that the regional programs make the homeless way of life rather bearable.

Robert Bjordal

San Marcos

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