Fort Myers Mom Says She’s Glad She Decided to Send Her Son

Fort Myers, Florida, Jan. 06, 2023 (WORLD NEWSWIRE)–

Fort Myers, Florida– A Florida male discovered long lasting recovery at WhiteSands Treatment Center, and his mom is so pleased about his success that she left an delighted luxury evaluation on Google.

So glad I decided to send my son to WhiteSands!” composed the mom, Cheryl. “He has actually been tidy for 6+ years !!”

WhiteSands Alcohol  & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

6 years is an excellent length of timeto live in recovery However Cheryl’s son isn’t the only individual staying sober for years after finishing treatment at one of WhiteSands’ Florida centers, which have a greater portion of patients taking pleasure in long-lasting sobriety. The quality of its programs led Newsweek publication to rank WhiteSands as Florida’s No. 1 addiction treatment center in 2022 for the 3rd successive year.

Cheryl’s son discovered a devoted community of addiction treatment experts at WhiteSands, where alcohol and drug addiction is personalized to satisfy the individual requirements of each customer. WhiteSands turns down old ideas of one-size-fits-all addiction therapy, supplying separately developed programs that regularly surpass market requirements in a number of methods.

Customers take part in individual or family therapy 5 times weekly, compared to one hour weekly at otherprograms WhiteSands’ staff-to-patient ratio is smaller sized than a lot of other programs keep, which makes it possible for smaller sized, more individual group sessions. In addition, customers take advantage of the devotion and focused care of WhiteSands’ staff, who are extremely credentialed and experienced– and completely committed to every customer’s success.

The care and issue do not stop at discharge. WhiteSands’ special post-treatment Life Skills Program provides everyday assistance, developing a constant connection that is a crucial element in the previous patient’s upkeep of sobriety.

At WhiteSands, the journey to recovery consists of relapse prevention techniques and outreach programs; family therapy; sped up resolution therapy; sober living assistance; mental health treatment; injury therapy; and dual diagnosis treatment, which approaches addiction as a sign of an underlying psychological or mental condition instead of as a single disorder.

Due To The Fact That the facility deals all levels of care, patients are assisted throughout each phase in the recovery process, from inpatient residential treatment to outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization and beyond.

A vital aspect of the WhiteSands program is its focuson relapse prevention Recovery can be cut off at at any time– even throughout rehab– by an engaging desire to start utilizing once again. To decrease the danger of beginning to use once again, WhiteSands integrates relapse prevention strategies in itstreatment programs Part of the rehab process includes the production of a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan that every customer can take with them as soon as they leave. These relapse prevention strategies can conserve lives and help recuperating addicts understand how to offer with psychological triggers and appealing social circumstances. With the coping and recovery tools discovered through this training, everybody can accomplish what Cheryl’s son has– however just if they remain devoted and follow the plan.

Understanding the strong link in between individual joy and success in recovery, WhiteSands provides comfy lodgings and features– not glamorous, however comfy. Patients are far more responsive to treatment and success in recovery when their whole being is cared for, not simply their physical addiction.

WhiteSands consists of an on- website entertainment center where patients can come at completion of each day’salcohol or drug rehab program Activities consist of a boxing program that lets them get fit and burn suppressed energy. WhiteSands thinks that when patients can put in energy in a healthy, positive way, they are likewise establishing brand-new pastimes and routines they can take with them to their brand-new lives of sobriety and peace.

Anybody looking for detailed treatment for alcohol or drug addiction or another substance use disorder can go to WhiteSands Alcohol & & Drug Rehab or call 877-693-4306.


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