Federal magistrate judge sends one drug-trafficking defendant to rehab and one back to jail

2 offenders just recently prosecuted as part of an examination into gang violence and drug trafficking appeared for bail hearings prior to a federal magistrate judge Tuesday, with one purchased to report to inpatient drug rehab and the other purchased to stay in jail up until his case is fixed.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe enabled Jay Massacre, 31, of Blytheville, to leave jail Tuesday and purchased him to report to the Northeast Arkansas Regional Recovery Center in Jonesboro on Dec. 28. Massacre was prosecuted Nov. 1 along with 34 other people thought to be members or partners of the street gang referred to as “EBK,”– Every Body Killas– that is active in Pine Bluff and Little Rock. He is charged with conspiracy to disperse marijuana and use of an interactions facility in furtherance of a drug trafficking criminal offense.

Donell Lakeith Reed, 49, of Pine Bluff, was called in a 2nd indictment calling 26 people thought of drug trafficking activity linked to a competing gang referred to as Lodi Murder Mobb in addition to the EBK indictment. Volpe purchased Reed to stay in jail after identifying that his criminal history made release too dangerous. Reed was charged in the EBK indictment with conspiracy to disperse marijuana and in the Lodi Murder Mobb indictment with conspiracy to disperse marijuana and fentanyl, belongings with intent to disperse fentanyl, belongings with intent to disperse marijuana and use of an interactions facility in furtherance of a drug trafficking criminal offense.

Massacre’s lawyer, Toney Baker Brasuell of Little Rock, argued that in spite of a number of arrests on his customer’s record, Massacre had no felony convictions. However Assistant U.S. Lawyer Amanda Fields argued that one of those arrests was for a murder in Blytheville in 2010 and another in 2017 for bring a weapon. Charges were dismissed in both cases.

FBI Unique Representative Jeff Highfill, one of the detectives, stated that a number of eyewitnesses informed Blytheville authorities they had actually seen Massacre fleing from the scene where Leon Henderson III was shot late in the night on June 15, 2010. Highfill stated it was thought the shooting belonged to gang activity in the location however the case was nolle prossed (dismissed) after authorities were not able to find an eyewitness to the shooting who police later on figured out had actually provided an incorrect name.

On another celebration, in March 2017, Highfill stated that Massacre was pulled over by Blytheville authorities for a stressed out license plate light however pulled into a driveway of a home and attempted to stroll into your home. Highfill stated he was discovered to have 3 failure to appear warrants, was driving on a suspended license, and was in belongings of a set of brass knuckles.

Highfill stated Massacre was likewise examined for another shooting event in October 2018 and was stopped in Dec. 2018 on suspicion of driving under the impact of narcotics in which authorities discovered a Glock.45 quality handgun in the back seat of his automobile. In addition, in February 2019, Massacre’s sweetheart reported him for striking her “many times in the face,” https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/”with both open and closed fists” while she was holding their kid however Highfill stated there was no record of the lady following up on the report.

Highfill stated that Massacre was obstructed on a number of wiretaps that showed his participation in the conspiracy and in gang activity.

Brasuell recommended an alternative release plan that would need Massacre to go to inpatient drug rehab to be followed by chemical-free living under the guidance of the treatment facility.

” According to the pre-trial services report,” Volpe stated, “it does appear like he would gain from rehab.”

Fields argued that in spite of no criminal convictions, Massacre had a history of violence and rejection to comply with orders from police or other authorities.

” Even when he does not have to break the law he selects to,” she stated. “Like driving on a suspended license, ridiculous things like that. … I seem like his history is the very best sign of future efficiency and I do not have much self-confidence he will comply.”

However Brasuell argued that Massacre might end up costs considerably more time behind bars waiting for trial than he would be most likely to be sentenced to if he were to be condemned.

” Let’s provide him a possibility,” Brasuell argued. “He’s looking at a five-year cap on the marijuana charge and 4 years on the phone.”

Volpe alerted Massacre that if he were to break the terms of his release, he would likely go back to jail for a duration that might end up being a number of years.

” There’s people who would stroll on cinders or do back turns to enter rehab,” Volpe informed Massacre. “If you blow it you will not get a 2nd opportunity.”

Reed’s lawyer, Jordan Tinsley of Little Rock, provided 2 options for third-party custodian for his customer; Reed’s long time pal and barber or his sibling. Both Lawrence Polk of Redfield and Yolanda Scott of Pine Bluff concurred to serve as 3rd party custodian for Reed. Both stated they understood of his arrests for marijuana however neither understood of his arrest for fentanyl, which Scott stated she didn’t think her bro was included in.

” Now that appears off,” she stated. “That does not sound best at all.”

” You imply you do not think your bro did it?” Fields asked.

” No,” Scott responded. “Not at all.”

Highfill affirmed that Reed was obstructed on many wiretaps associated to both indictments, that more than 250 pounds of marijuana had actually been taken from him in numerous locations and that he was thought of providing tablets including fentanyl for Anthony Rogers, the reputed leader in the Lodi Murder Mobb indictment.

Volpe stated the proof showed that Reed, who has actually been founded guilty two times in the past in federal court for marijuana trafficking, would likely continue breaking the law if enabled to stay out of jail.

” What I can’t surpass is Mr. Reed is practically 50 … and this will be his 3rd federal case,” he stated. “These wire cases are ravaging and the proof that unfolds from them is extremely informing. … We have numerous search warrants performed and big amounts of marijuana that are discovered. “

Relating to the tablets including fentanyl, Volpe took a difficult line.

” You understand people, I understand people, people in this space understand people that have kids that have actually simply dropped dead from taking one of these,” he stated. “They believed it was an oxy, they believed it was a roxy or whatever and they’re never ever coming back.”

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