Father of overdose victim has spearheaded growth of Andy’s Place in Michigan

Mike Hirst experienced one of the worst things a moms and dad can go through.

He enjoyed his boy, Andy, 24, pass away from a heroin overdose in 2010.

Andy had actually gone through drug rehab 3 times. He relapsed back into addiction each time.

At Andy’s funeral service, Hirst swore that things had to modification when it came to howcommunities approach addiction recovery He welcomed numerous heroin addicts he understood to go to the funeral service. When he spoke about Andy at the funeral service, he stated that he was going to be part of that alter.

” I stated, ‘We’re going to do something about this issue as acommunity We’re not going to rely on the authorities. We’re not going to rely on the federal government. The community requirements to step up,'” stated Hirst, who lives in Jackson County.

The owner of Hirst Electric Business, he took the initial step by arranging community online forums in the Jackson location to inform the general public about the pervasiveness of addiction and the intricacy included in recovery.

Mike Hirst.

Mike Hirst.


” Andy was your typical kid. He never ever got in difficulty, duration. He got great grades, he played football, ran track, played basketball,” Hirst stated. “We had actually moved from Jackson out to the village of Yard Lake to keep him far from the issues you may discover in a city. We were not clever sufficient to understand that what goes on in a huge city, likewise goes on in a town.”

Mike Hirst, left, addresses Midland City Councilman Tim Soler, right, and the rest of the council about a resolution for Andy’s Place apartments during a meeting Jan. 9, 2023 at City Hall. Andy's Place was named in honor of Hirst's son, Andy Hirst, who died of a heroin overdose.

Mike Hirst, left, addresses Midland City Councilman Tim Soler, right, and the rest of the council about a resolution for Andy’s Place houses throughout a conference Jan. 9, 2023 at Town Hall. Andy’s Place was called in honor of Hirst’s boy, Andy Hirst, who passed away of a heroin overdose.

Dan Chalk/Midland Daily News

The supreme result of Hirst’s willpower after the death of his boy was Andy’s Place, an apartment building in Jackson that opened 2 years ago particularly for homeowners who are referred by Recovery Court and are on a course towards recovery from addiction.

Talking with medical professionals, Hirst understood that in order to enhance on a 10% addiction recovery rate, those in recovery required a living environment totally free of any impacts that would lead them back into addiction, and with the assistance of others going through the very same journey.

Hirst likewise established an company called Andy’s Angels “to inform the community on opiate abuse and provide assistance for households and those suffering addiction.” He worked with Republican Politician Gov. Rick Snyder, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and numerous others throughout the political spectrum to help develop the structure for Andy’s Place.

Andy Hirst.

Andy Hirst.


” When we take the ideas of our political swords and point them at the opponent of the American people (addiction), it’s remarkable just how much we can achieve together,” Hirst stated.

The launch of Andy’s Place has led to propositions to develop name advancements in Kalamazoo, Southfield, and in Midland, where the Midland City board today authorized a conditional use authorization for an Andy’s Place with 50 systems to be constructed at 1510 Bayliss Street. Chicago designer Milner & & Caringella, which manages the very first Andy’s Place, is set to lead the other efforts also.

Midland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Beale, who administers the county’s Recovery Court, asked for Milner & & Caringella to bring an Andy’s Place to Midland.

Similar To in Jackson, potential homeowners will be referred to Andy’s Place by the Recovery Court.

Those recuperating from addiction, Hirst described, require compassion and regard.

” That’s most likely the most significant deterrent to improving – the preconception that is put on (people who are recuperating),” he stated.

Much work stays to be done in term of fundraising prior to Andy’s Place can come true in Midland.

” We’re relatively positive that’s going to take place in Midland,” he stated. “We’re going to alter the course of this epidemic.

” However it takes a community to be included.”

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